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My husband and I eat, sleep and breathe boats and commercial fishing. His family raised him in the industry and I was introduced to it in September of 2015 when I took a leap and moved to Dutch Harbor, AK. I've been "hooked" ever since.

I began working as a photographer as a teen doing portraits and weddings. I quickly moved away from that and put my camera in a box for 7 years, not knowing there was another option to make a career out of it. When I began my journey in Alaska, the landscape and culture reignited my passion for the art. The gritty lifestyle of a fisherman became an obsession for me behind the camera and I knew there were stories to tell.

My goal as a photographer is to spread awareness and truth through captivating images and storytelling. I want to share the world of commercial fishing from different perspectives to better understand the past, present and future of this industry.

To keep myself busy when I'm not out on the boats, I enjoy helping small business build their brand through thoughtful imagery and strategic marketing concepts.

On the rare occasion I'm not working at all, I enjoy lazy days with our pup, travel, wine paired with cheese and sport fishing in our backyard here in the Puget Sound. 

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Bri Dwyer

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Duluth Trading Company

Trident Seafoods



Bekina Boots

Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show

Fremont Mischief Distillery


Sasquatch BBQ

Cascade Trail Farms

Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association

Alaska Seafood Marketing


National Fisherman

Fishermens News

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